The course aims to promote the ownership of humanitarian principles and mechanisms by participating CSOs and support their engagement in the EU Aid Volunteers programme

At the end of the course participants will acquire:

  • The ability to describe how the EU Aid Volunteers programme provides a central framework for strengthening local capacity and resilience in disaster-affected communities; and

  • The ability to explain the principles and values of Humanitarian Action along with other key aspects of humanitarian work.

Calendar and Structure

This edition will take place from January 15th to February 4th

The course will include:

  • 4 classes
  • 1 practice activity
  • 2 webinars
The online nature of this course allows participants to organize themselves according to their individual schedules. The only requirement is that participants turn work in on time.


Facilitation and Forum

As with any course, interaction with others is critical.

Every participant will have the chance to communicate with the facilitator and other participants to discuss questions, problems, and opinions. The facilitator of the course will remind participants of the schedule, post course materials, and address concerns. The main forum (the ´"Cafeteria") will be used for introductions, general discussion, and debates about practical issues.


Methodology & certificate of completion

Participants should complete a few requirements in order to succeed in the course.

Because the forums play an important role in this course, one of the first things we ask that participants introduce themselves as soon as possible. It´s important that everyone participate in the forums regularly and in a constructive manner. To really take advantage of the course, cooperation will be fundamental. The CERTIFICATE of completion will be issued on the basis of the participation and the practical activity assigned.