Module I: Introduction to Humanitarian Action - (2 weeks)

Class 1
Introduction to humanitarian action and the WASH sector
Class 2 Cross-cutting issues
Class 3 The Sphere project and international quality initiatives
Class 4 Identifying humanitarian needs

+ case Study A and thematic debates in the course forum

+ Webinar:  Upcoming debates in a forever changing context of humanitarian response. Francisco Rey Marcos (IECAH, Codirector) 

Module II: Sanitation in Emergencies - (3 weeks)

Class 5 Water, hygiene, sanitation and health
Class 6 Excreta management (drop and store to flush)
Class 7 Black and grey water management and drainage (Septic tanks, ABR, BF,..)
Class 8 Vector control
Class 9 Solid waste management, medical waste and corpse management

+ case Study B and thematic debates in the course forum

+ Webinar: Solid and Health Care Waste installations and management in emergencie. Verónica Sánchez (n'UNDO)  

Module III: Promoting Hygiene in Emergencies – (1 week)

Class 10
WASH needs assessment
Class 11
Promoting hygiene

+ case Study C and thematic debates in the course forum

Module IV: Water supplying emergency - (4 weeks)

Class 12
Water sources
Class 13
Groundwater, rehabilitation and disinfection of wells

+ Webinar: Access to Groundwater by digging and manual drilling methods. Fabio Fussi (UNIMIB).
Class 14
Conducting water by Gravity or Pumping systems
Class 15 Water storage, reservoir and Water trucking

+ Webinar: Water pipeline, design and elements. Carlos Sarmiento (Canal Isabel II, Madrid's Water Supply Management)   
Class 16 Water treatment in emergencies and materials
Class 17 House hold (point of use) water treatment and other possible interventions
Class 18 Distribution and analysis of drinking water

+ case Study D and thematic debates in the course forum